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If it wasn’t for HMRC, National Insurance, Customs & Excise, legislation, paper work, red tape administration and ambition. You probably wouldn’t need an accountant There’s no pleasure in paying for an accountant. So when you do, you want to be sure that they understand exactly what you want from them

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Book Smart Accountancy can make a real difference to your finances. Our aim is to save you money on your tax bill and to help you to grow your personal and business wealth

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Making the right choice! At Book Smart Accountancy we take pride in being different from other accountants. We clearly explain our work and are happy to act as business advisors in order to help you grow your business.

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We can help you with planning for future growth of your business.

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Helping to ensure that your accounts are completed more efficiently thus saving on your Tax Returns


Our aim is to save you money on your tax bill and to help you to grow your personal and business wealth.

Tax Return
We can provide a comprehensive service tailored to suit your business s bookkeeping needs or advise you on the best methods to keep accurate books yourself. In doing this it would enable us to produce your final accounts more efficiently and as a result saving in your accountancy bills

At Book Smart Accountancy we make Accounting Simple.

Tax returns are issued people with complex tax affairs, but also to individuals who receive:- 

  • Income from self-employment or from a partnership business
  • Rent or other income from land or property
  • Income from overseas
  • Other income which is received gross, i.e. without tax deducted.

    Why choose us?

    Our tax advisors can assist you at every stage: from collating the required information to assisting you with completion and submitting the Tax Return on your behalf.  We can advise you on tax repayments and calculate future tax liabilities.

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    Working with a diverse range of clients across a wide variety of sectors, our unique partnership approach ensures that we take the time to get to know your business, offering unparalleled tailored advice and exceptional levels of client service.

    The Taxman will help you calculate your tax ‘correctly’ but they will don’t usually help you to minimize your tax…Book Smart Accountancy will help you to minimize your tax.

    As you can see from the section on Our Services, we offer a wide range of expertise. To find out more about how you can benefit from our services, simply contact us to discuss your needs.